Discover How Our Videographers Obtain Their Footage

Our team in St. Petersburg, FL records legal proceedings responsibly

The Legal Video Team follows strict procedures when we record medical exams, site inspections and depositions to ensure that our footage can be used in court. Thanks to our broadcast television experience, we produce flawless audio and video footage for attorneys in St. Petersburg, FL and throughout the state.

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Our process at a glance

There is never a second chance to record footage of legal proceedings, so we take measures to ensure that we get it right the first time. You can expect us to:

  • Use high-quality cameras and microphones to ensure the clearest recordings
  • Record using multiple devices to alleviate potential technical problems
  • Continuously monitor the focus, exposure and audio levels
  • Handle sensitive information with the utmost care
  • Protect the privacy of those being recorded
  • Stay up to day on legal rules pertaining to the use of video in legal proceedings
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