Tell an Insurance Adjuster the Whole Story With a Settlement Video

Our team in St. Petersburg, FL has extensive storytelling experience

Not every case needs to go to court. If your client's story is told in an impactful way, it could lead to a quick and beneficial settlement. Thanks to our broadcast television background, The Legal Video Team produces powerful storytelling tools for civil litigation attorneys in St. Petersburg, FL and throughout the state. Our settlement videos have even helped some attorneys win more money for their clients than they anticipated.

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Find out how we set the stage

The location, lighting and video quality all contribute to the story that you need to tell. Once we've talked with you about how to portray your client and what message you want to convey, we will:

  • Use high-quality microphones and video equipment to obtain clear footage
  • Test our equipment prior to recording to reduce the risk of technical difficulties
  • Request feedback and edit the settlement video accordingly, then submit the final video in your preferred format

Reach out today to hire videographers in St. Petersburg, FL who excel at telling compelling stories for civil litigation cases.

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