We Can Film Depositions on Location - Anywhere in the Country

Rely on our team in St. Petersburg, FL for remote legal video services

Remote videography is an excellent remote solution for witnesses who live outside of Florida or can't give their testimonies in person. Although we're based in St. Petersburg, FL, The Legal Video Team offers remote legal video services to attorneys who are involved in civil litigation cases anywhere in Florida.

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3 reasons why you can trust us

Technology isn't everyone's strong suit. Luckily for you, we can help even remotely. Our experts can help walk you through any technical challenges you may face.

You'll be glad you hired The Legal Video Team because:

1. We coordinate with legal teams to make sure the witnesses are prepared to give their testimonies.
2. We test our technology in advance and manage the technical aspects to ensure a successful recording session.
3. We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements to ensure that the footage will be admissible in court.

Once we've captured the footage you need, we'll securely transfer the files to you and any other relevant parties. Contact our team in St. Petersburg, FL today to take advantage of our remote legal video services.