When Witnesses Can't Appear in Court, We Can Record Their Testimony

We provide video deposition services in St. Petersburg, FL and statewide

Having a key witness testify can make all the difference in a civil case. Thanks to modern technology, it's now possible to capture nonverbal cues and the emotional impact of a witness's statement. The Legal Video Team provides video deposition services to ensure that crucial testimonies are admissible evidence in cases in St. Petersburg, FL and statewide.

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Here's what the process looks like

If a witness will be unavailable for some reason, we can record their testimony using high-quality equipment. We'll test the microphone and camera before we start recording to ensure that the footage isn't distorted.

Whoever is being filmed will:

  • Be sit in front of the camera so only they are shown
  • Have a Neutral backdrop behind them to minimize distractions
  • Wear a microphone to capture their audio cleanly and clearly minimizing background noise

Many attorneys use video depositions to strengthen their argument or find weaknesses in the other party's case. Contact our team in St. Petersburg, FL today to take advantage of our video deposition services.

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